With their universal mounting system, iKamper rooftop tents can be mounted on most vehicles on the market. They are designed to be mounted on two normal cross bars (not directly on the roof of the car), such as ones from Rhino Rack, Thule and Rola, or any other after-market cross bars (same bars you would attach your bike or Kayak to).

  • Check your vehicle's manual or contact manufacturer to know your roof's weight limit.

  • Make sure your roof rack or cross bars have a dynamic weight load of at least 165lbs/75kg.

  • Your cross bars should be at least 30" / 76cm apart.

  • Check the spacing of the Skycamp's mounting rails below to make sure it fits your rack. The rails are 1.77" / 4.5cm wide.

IMPORTANT: You agree and acknowledge that is your sole responsibility to determine whether your vehicle or trailer is suitable and safe for use and installation of the Skycamp.

Your roof rack and cross bars MUST have a dynamic weight load of at least 75kg, your cross bars MUST be at least 76cm apart, and your vehicle MUST have load limit over 75kg. Please consult your vehicle's manufacturer regarding the load limit, and please note that we do NOT recommend mounting the Skycamp on compact cars). Not following these instructions could not only damage your vehicle but could also cause serious injury.


Skycamp's ladder comes in 2 sizes: Standard 211cm and Long 239cm. These heights are the maximum distance from the ground to the top of your roof rack/cross bars (ladders themselves are 230 and 260cm).



  • 300gsm Super Density Poly Cotton Canvas

  • Water Resistant

  • Breathable

  • Insulating

  • Long Lasting

Poly-Cotton is breathable (less chance of condensation) and insulates very well so you won't get as hot on a warm day, nor as cold when it is chilly.

It's heavier than typical polyester tent material so quieter in windy conditions.

This fabric also lasts longer than poly (no need to tape seems!) and is more resistant to harmful UV rays.



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